Everything You Need to Know About How to Hire a Painter

How to Hire a Painter
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Everything You Need to Know About How to Hire a Painter

An exterior is one of the first things one sees of a property and paint is one of the essential features of the exterior. As one says, the first impression is the last. A good-painted outlook will leave a lasting impression on the consumer. Whether you are planning to stay in the property or sell it a good clean and crisp paint can say a lot, as well as determine the aesthetics and the value of the property.  

Due to this, a lot of homeowners prefer hiring a professional painter to achieve a fantabulous outlook for their properties. Below, we have prepared a guide on how to hire a painter to avoid that miscommunication and get the job done in the perfect manner ever! If you’re looking to transform your home further, consider exploring “Home Remodeling Services” to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Tips for How to Hire a Painter

Meet up

It is essential to at least consult a few painters around. Three would be the minimum to say. Call them home for a meeting so they can have a look and tell you the rough estimates. A tip for you to figure out if this is the one you would like to hire would be to see how much time they take to prepare the estimates as the longer it takes it would indicate a realistic estimate.

Along with that, it is also best to ask them about their experience in the field and the size of the team to make your decision easier. As well-versed painters and a large team would be efficient.   

Highlight your expectations

You need to make the painters aware of what you are looking to achieve so they can base the estimates on that and tell you if they can achieve the goal that you are looking for or not. Making your decision easier and saving you time.

The price and estimates

A key to any project you get done is essential to set a budget in mind and ask the contractors to give you written estimates. This should be a comprehensive list of the labor costs, the paint, the area per square foot, the prep, and the number of coats that would be applied. So, if it suits your budget, you can go ahead with it.

Examine the past work

As they say, it is best to believe in what you see from your own eyes. Hence, it is best to have a model in front of you as by looking at it you can judge the quality of work. Not only that but you can also see how their work has improved or changed over time and can base your decision of liking on that.

Look at the credentials

Even in a lot of cases, the certifications do not matter as without the certifications people can get a good job done. But good credentials will show one the commitment to work as well as reliability.  

Attain a complete contract

If it is written it is solid!

This is essential to make sure the contractors do not backtrack from what they have promised to do in the first place. The contract should state the contractor’s name, office, address, contact, and also all the estimates. Be sure that the contract states what is and is not included in the job to get smooth results.

Obtain a copy of the painter’s liability and workers’ insurance certificates

If the worker drops the ladder on the neighbor’s car who is going to take up the costs?

You should be aware if such circumstances occur how you are going to deal with it. If the painters do not have coverage you will have to take up the costs for such things. Hence it is essential to be aware of such beforehand.

Ask for a guarantee

If you are paying there should also be some sort of guarantee, right? The painter should agree to cover the chipping, flaking, and blistering that occurs a while later after getting the paint done. They should be willing to cover it free of charge within a certain time limit of charge just very little to fix the work in the future if need be. Be aware that if he says that the paint itself has a warranty that does not take the labor into account as labor can be much more costly than the paint itself.

Choose your paint

Sometimes painters can indeed guide you into which paint is the best for you, but sometimes they also tend to trick you into something that actually might not be the best for you but gives them an extra profit margin.

 However, do your research to see which paint will be the best to suit your needs.

Look for safety

It does not go without saying that even paint can have some adverse effects on the health and safety of the individual painting and the surroundings. A lot of the paints that are usually old contain lead. That is a bit hazardous and painters need to take extra precautions when dealing with such surfaces. Make yourself aware so you know what you are tackling as this can also affect the costs.

Make payments slowly

Usually, when you book or hire a painter, they require some kind of deposit before the start of the project which is usually between 10-15%. Make sure that you give only the amount that is stated in the contract before starting and not all of it.

If you make all of it, they might not do the work properly or may not come on time as promised. It is best to make payments quarterly by looking at the progress. Also, before making the final payment have a look around and see if you are satisfied, and then give the whole amount as promised.

Final thoughts

Hiring a reliable painter reflects the quality of the work. To ensure that your work is done as promised it is best to have it all stated and highlighted in the contract so the painters do not end up backtracking from what they had promised. Other than that, it is good to have a look at their previous work as you can judge the quality and make a decision based on whether you like it or not. It is also important to have done your research on the kinds of paints that will suit your needs as the painter’s guidance can be one-sided only looking to benefit them. Overall, it is best to know the things mentioned above to give you satisfactory results and a smooth painting procedure.

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